The Vision & Goals Revolution with Ernie Davis The People's Coach

Ernie Davis is an authority on public speaking, the psychology of success, and converting ideas into reality to help aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs live their dreams. He is a sought-after master builder, coach, motivational teacher, orator, educator, and combat veteran. He's a Numerologist and Myers-Briggs practitioner on a mission to help 1 million men and women achieve extraordinary levels of success, share their stories, and attain financial freedom and independence while creating and enjoying the lifestyles they want and desire on their own terms.


He has mentored and coached professional men and women, aspiring entrepreneurs, public speakers, and leaders in 21 different countries. He led over 33 teams in combat, retired at forty, and enjoys an extraordinary life of giving and sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help others achieve the success they want and need to live, create, and enjoy the type of lifestyles they desire.

He is the People's Coach, the author of 11 Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking, High-Octane Leadership, and many self-help videos and articles geared towards helping aspiring entrepreneurs, public speakers, growing leaders, and freedom seekers to believe in themselves and the goodness of others. And as he often says, he is probably one of the most awesome inconspicuous multi-millionaires you will ever meet.


Is This Worth My Time & Energy?


Have you ever heard of backwards planning? 

  • No. Then, you'll find the details in the workbook extraordinary. You'll discover a planning technique used by the world's most elite military planning and construction organizations.
  • Yes. Then, you already know how beneficial this technique can be in helping you create a realistic plan to accomplish your goals and make the rest of your life the best.

Did you know that there are five levels to planning forward-facing goals? 

  • No. Then you're about to receive a 20-page lesson in goal planning that allows you to start with the end in mind, create a vision for your life, and, starting at level one, work your way backward to create the beginnings, if not the entirety of a fantastic rough plan.
  • Yes. Then you understand the need for comprehensive life plans built around the 3,6,9 Tesla model to create your best life. You may not only need a refresher to help you get started; either way, the vision and goals workbook can help you do that.

Have you ever considered working one-on-one with an executive-level life and business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, freedom seekers, leaders, or public speakers?

  • No. Then you're about to learn just how effective one small tool, used in the coaching profession, can have a tremendous impact on you, making the rest of your life the best of your life.
  • Yes. Then you'll appreciate knowing that on the final page of this eWorkbook, there is a 20% discount code to be applied when you schedule a one-on-one 45-minute Coaching Application & Interview Session, specifically designed to provide you immediate support, an opportunity to receive answer and guidance to any questions you may have in the Vision and Goals Worksheet, and opportunity interview a coach and decide if one of our 3,4,5, or 6-month coaching programs is right for you.  

Are you ready to...? 

  • Discover five insane levels of planning that could culminate in creating your own 3,6,9 life, and business plan journal to help you make the rest of your life the best in 6 months or less. Yes.
  • Create a realistic and ambitious vision of your life to help you escape habits of fear, procrastination, and uncertainty – jumping from goal to goal and never feeling like you are finally on track. Yes.
  • Get organized and find clarity in pursuing your life purpose. Yes.
  • Attain financial freedom and independence naturally and beneficially for you, your family, and your organization or team. Create and enjoy the life you want and desire on your terms. Yes.

Are you ready?

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