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Who Are We?

We are Powerhouse Motivations; a team of professional life, leadership, success, and presentations coaches who specialize in helping ordinary and ambitious individuals attain financial freedom and independence by discovering and tapping into their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to accomplish goals and effect positive change through personal determination, self-leadership, professional speaking, and increased awareness of the laws of success.  

What We Believe?

We believe that everyone is born for a purpose.  They have been created and given certain gifts, talents, and abilities which can be honed and develop by growing through a proven process governed by laws which will enable them to find fulfillment and happiness while growing to serve their purpose in life.  Growing thru the coaching process empowers winners to find fulfillment and live happy prosperous lives, while effecting positive change in their environment and becoming a part of something greater than just themselves.  Contact Us Today and lets get started.

What We Do?

We provide strategic resources, coaching, training, mastermind events, and connections to life-changing opportunities, information, and insights to help struggling and aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders live their dreams, accomplish their goals, share their stories and motivational lessons and make the rest of their life the best of their life while impacting positive change in their environment.

How We Do It?

We partner with and become special advisers and confidants to our clients in their journey to success.  We start with in-depth discussions where we listen to uncover their unique ambitions, desires and wants to help them develop and execute plans and strategies that fit their personal needs and desires.   We then use proven techniques to help them accomplish and move closer toward the accomplishment of their goals.  At your request and application we can work together in private, confidentially or one-on-one or in a small group setting.  We also offer additional resources in the forms of webinars, videos, books, articles, mastermind groups, special presentations and seminars.  And yes, we can craft and deliver a tailored presentation specifically for your group or organizations.  Contact Us Today and lets get started.

Why We Do It?

It is a service of passion.  We know that by helping clients discover their natural gifts, talents, and abilities and empowering them to use them to live prosperous lives of influence, we along with them can effect positive change in others.  Together we can make the World a place where people are free to believe in themselves and the goodness of others.  A place where they can work together for causes and outcomes beneficial to the whole of humanity.  And most importantly we do this so that you, we, and others can be free to live and enjoy the lives of our desires while giving back to society.  

Powerhouse Motivations Coaching & Leadership Solutions

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Powerhouse Motivations Coaching & Leadership Solutions

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PLEASE NOTE:  We only exist to help our clients succeed. And we do that by providing valuable coaching, training, and connections, opportunities, and links to life changing and eye-opening events and information that can help our clients experience alternate perspectives, transform lives, improve results, and attain financial freedom in the process.


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