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It is your right to be prosperous and live and enjoy the life you desire, and I am the coach, mentor, and adviser who can teach you how to do that.  I have coached, mentored, and advised hundreds of men and women, aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs, from diverse upper class, middle class, and even poor backgrounds from around the world. My coaching has helped them to produce 4.0 results. And mostly, all they had in common was a burning desire to succeed and be prosperous.  I understand what it takes to succeed and be prosperous, and I know that prosperity is your birthright.  If you are an aspiring speaker or entrepreneur, I would love to coach and teach you how to take your entrepreneurial ideas and endeavors or stories and lessons to the $100,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 level

Prosperity is the result of right thoughts, positive thinking, having good coaches and mentors, and living in accordance with the spiritual principles that lead to success.  I can teach you the principles and coach you toward success like no other coach in the industry. We  have  awesome coaching and mastermind groups for aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs.  We have a systematic plan to aid you in your desire.

It all starts with a review of your current thoughts, aspirations, hopes, faith, and desires.  It is normal for us to be prosperous.  However, it is not normal for us to take risk or submit to coaching because we have been educated to do something very different.

Each of us is free to choose a coach or mentor we believe can help us tap into the source of infinite intelligence that produces prosperity.  The choice is yours.  If you are ready, click the coaching link and let's see which of our coaches can help you live and enjoy the life you desire.

Schedule a call and let's talk.

Ernie Davis

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16.  We Need More Real Men...


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17.  5 People You Must Have...


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18.  Intuition Leads To Freedom...


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19.  We Cannot Live in Fear For...



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127.  Hatter's Don't Want You to S...


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20.  Make The Rest of Your Life T...



Brief Bio / About

Ernie Davis

aka The People's Coach


Ernie is an x-military combat veteran, self-help author, and coach who teaches public speaking, presentation skills, and entrepreneurship with a focus on mindset and the psychology of success to help aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs believe in themselves and their aspirations and take deliberate and continuously improving actions to create and live their best life while moving closer to financial freedom and independence.

He’s the Founder of Powerhouse Motivations Coaching & Leadership Solutions LLC; a growing team of seasoned psychologist, professionals, and coaches who excel in providing strategic resources, individual and group coaching, teaching, and connections to life-changing opportunities, information, and insights to help aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs to find and profit from their life purpose, accomplish their goals, and stand up to speak with confidence and renewed energy to enjoy and experience  the best that life has to offer.

He is a master builder of people and an awesome coach.  He is a graduate and teacher of the modern science of success that began with a few encouraging words from his grandmother and a later and extraordinary discovery of seventeen lessons written at the turn of the century by self-help author and guru Napoleon Hill.  You may recognize the name Napoleon Hill from his bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, and his lesser known Laws of Success principles.  Ernie’s discovery of these publications complemented years of independent research and almost two-and-a-half decades of service in The United States Navy, where he specialized in developing professionals and teaching skilled leaders around the world to speak with confidence and guide themselves and their teams and organizations to victory.  He garnered high-levels of success serving as an adviser, coach, and mentor to senior government, military, and civilian officials in the United States, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Europe and Africa before eventually joining forces with the #1 leadership guru in the World, Dr. John C. Maxwell, in December 2014.

Shortly after teaming with Dr. John C. Maxwell, Ernie relinquished his top-secret government clearance and stepped away from his role as a foreign adviser and leadership developer with the U.S. Departments of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD), and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to focus on coaching and teaching aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs to take their ideas, stories, and endeavors to the 100,000 and $1,000,000.00 levels by being persistent, focused, intentional and good at what they do along with leading and influencing others.

He is currently one of the sharpest motivational teachers, life strategist, and personal coaches in America.  He’s a naval combat veteran who has led over thirty-three teams in combat.  He has survived the tough and difficult decisions, started his own businesses from the age of nine, and has employed, motivated and coached hundreds of men and women to higher levels of performance.   Ernie’s been married to the same beautiful southern girl for over two decades. He is an awesome mentor and father with two wonderful adult and teenage kids residing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 


He would love to connect and mastermind with you during 30 to 40 or 60 minute session.  If you believe it is your destiny to live a much more prosperous life, click the link below and schedule your first session with Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach.




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