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Mr. Ernie Davis, Master Builder

it’s difficult creating the life you desire all by yourself, but luckily you don't have to...

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And I want you to know, you have the right to live, create, and enjoy the type of lifestyle you desire on your own terms, and as a master builder and coach, I have developed a couple of super terrific coaching programs to help you do that. You see, I have been doing this for a long time and, though my background is a little crazy (you can see a little bit of my story here), and my style is not necessarily conservative or cookie-cutter because I'm a builder and psychoanalyst by nature. But my clients and proteges enjoy a tremendous amount of success. In fact, as of this year, I've coached, trained, advised, and mentored hundreds of men, women, aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and even husbands and fathers in 21different countries. They have produced phenomenal results. I've helped them discover themselves, increase their wealth, and find life purpose. And I'd love to help you do the same.

You see, I know that with the right help, support, and coaching, "you can be, do, and achieve anything you've put your mind to."  It's very factual, but most people have been misled by a system that seeks to limit their ability to do anything outside of the ordinary.  But that's why I am here.  And the older you are, the better.  And if you're between the ages of thirty-two and fifty-three, that's perfect.  I want to help you destroy the limiting beliefs imposed by the system. 

I want to help you escape the hold that the thoughts of others have had on your life.   I want to help you attain the mindset, financial freedom, and autonomy you need to gain a full mastery over life. 

Here's the deal. You deserve a Coach, your own "personal" life coach, advisor, and strategist. ​Someone you can trust whose honest and a great listener, but not a yes man. Someone who understands your unique personality type. And who understands that you learn differently and that your goals are different from those of most people because most people are content or happy waking up and going off to some menial job they hate.  A job where they are daily told what to do, or they have to raise their hands and ask permission to eat lunch or take a bathroom break.

You're not like them, and neither was I.  You want freedom.  You want to control your own life and be your own boss, or you've got stories and life lessons you want to stand up and share with courage and confidence.  I want to help.

Here's a little bit of my story (Ernie's Story), and here's the link to schedule a free video coaching interview to see if we're right.  We'll talk for a few minutes, thirty to forty-five minutes max, and if we're right for each other and you're the right person, maybe we can make you an offer that's very difficult to refuse.


Schedule today, and let's see. 

We created this multi-million dollar coaching program to help you discover your purpose in life, and to fulfill your purpose while attaining financial...

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We're providing free resources to help one million men and women live, create, and enjoy the lifestyle they desire though public speaking, entrepreneurship, and... 

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Mastermind Group

Amazing things happen when real men come together, in small groups, for the purpose of attaining financial freedom and independence by implementing the think and grow rich...

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Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach

This is ... My Story

 "a little bit of" 

Well, my background is a little bit different than most.  I grew up in a small project house full of smoke, gamblers, prostitutes, drunkards, and killers.  It’s probably, why I am today, the way I am – quiet, reserved, strategic, insightful, and inspiring with an ability to read and understand people from miles away, regardless of their background, religion, culture, or upbringing.  It’s almost like a superpower, something I had to develop from a young age to survive my upbringing.

You see, my uncle was the kingpin, my dad was a homicidal maniac with an awesome two-step, a charismatic smile, several shotguns, a drinking problem, and the boxing and wrestling skills of an Olympic athlete.  He was very fit, when he wasn’t drinking, he was an awesome guy, but I made a promise at a young age to never be like the alcoholic him.   My grandmother..., she ran the liquor house and the gambling spot where all of the best and worse would come, unwind and provide me with my earliest education on survival, success, and numerology.  And my mom…, well, my mom was the first person I ever saw repeatedly beaten, stabbed, and almost killed by the man she loved while working and hoping to provide a better life for us boys.

It makes me emotional, thinking about it, but the cops would come to our house so often, I began to remember their names.  And they always came with backup and support. You see, my old man would get drunk, upset, and he’d beat the crap out of everyone except us kids.  I don’t know who got it worse, the cops or my mom – but they never shot him.  The cops never shot him.  I still don’t know why.  I watched him spank six cops one day.  It took them a while, and it wasn’t easy, but they finally got him in the back of a wagon – a police wagon.  They’d always arrest him on a Thursday or a Friday, but it seemed like he was always out on bail and home by Monday or Tuesday.   Growing up was crazy, but probably the craziest and most hectic day was the day I got to serve as the first responder to the brutal attempted murder and stabbing of my own mother.   It was crazy and horrifying.  I was only about 10years old, but in my short 10years I had seen people beaten, shot, stabbed, robbed, molested, and strung out on dope to the point of overdose.  But there’s nothing like seeing your own mom laying on the curb in a pool of blood, bleeding to death, as you frantically run in and out of the house searching for clean towels to stop the bleeding and calling for the emergency responders who never seem to respond.  She survived, but that was only the beginning.

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and prepares you for the future.  I think they’re right, because by the time I was thirty-five I was able to walk through the streets of an active war zone in Afghanistan without armor, without support, without backup, and without any undue fear of dying or being killed by enemy forces or embedded Taliban or al-Qaeda sympathizers.  You see, I had come to the realization that if GOD or THE UNIVERSE wanted me dead I’d already be dead.  And I had this somewhat unexplainable sixth-sense, which led me to realize GOD had bought me here for a different reason.  A real reason.


He gave me everything I needed to help me escape and survive my upbringing. He even made it possible for me to rise up through the military ranks in a very untraditional fashion.  He empowered me to learn Arabic, Farsi, Dari, and negotiate with senior Taliban members, warlords, power brokers, influencers, and senior-ranking US and NATO officials without even a college degree.  I even served at the US Pentagon, worked for the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington DC with a top-secret security clearance, and completed multiple tours with the prestigious Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan, without completing any of the established requirements for those organizations, or their roles and responsibilities.  The only thing that made it possible was the same gifts and talents I used to survive my environment.  The same ones I currently use to help men and women, like you, discover themselves, claim their purpose in life, and grow to the point of fulfilling their purpose in life while attaining financial freedom and independence.


The same gifts that make me highly intuitive, great at reading people, and a natural leader and strategist are the same ones I use to help entrepreneurs, public speakers, and men of various ages live and create the lifestyles they desire on their own terms. They are the same ones I was bought into this world to manifest and improve to help you achieve greatness and discover and live your life’s purpose.  And we can do that on purpose.


I’d love to help you discover your natural gifts, talents, and abilities. And then strategize and work together in putting those to use in creating the life you desire or in helping you share your life story and personal lessons to inspire and uplift others.


If you’re ready, I’m ready, click the yellow box below and ...


Are you ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life?

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