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In eight weeks, you can become one of the most effective speakers in the room. Yes. You can do it, and Powerhouse Motivations is the perfect place to start.

IF you have ever hesitated to speak aloud and share your ideas in front of coworkers, strangers, or supervisors, or...,

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when you stand up to speak in front of other people, you get nervous, your knees shake, and your heart begins to pound, you start sweating, and notice people looking at you strangely, or you feel anxiety creeping in as you nervously swallow and shrink down, and you are thinking, I want to improve my my delivery...,

I invite you to join our next 8-week Aspiring Speakers Mastermind Group.

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It's time to make the rest of your life the best of your life, and public speaking is your ticket to success. You can apply today, interview, and enroll here when ready. Learn public speaking from coaches who have trained and prepared speakers for the U.S. Military, Corporate America, Government, Non-profits, and the personal development and entertainment industries.

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You have a story to tell, a book to talk about, a chain of command to impress, or maybe you have c-suite executives considering you for the next big promotion, and your next presentation could seal the deal or move you down the list.

Are you ready to excel? 


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Here is what your audience is secretly saying but not telling you...

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  • So often, in corporate America, we're forced to sit through slide after slide of overcrowded, boring, and hard-to-read text and fuzzy (or non-existent) images. It sucks

  • Too many presenters believe they should put everything they want to share on the slides. They fill their slides with gigantic lists and long paragraphs that you must squint to read. Even if you are in the front row, it makes the presentation painful to attend.

  • We dread listening to boring presentations. Our company's worst presenters use terrible images, place too many words on the slide, incorporate spreadsheets, and make countless grammatical errors. They haven't been taught a better way.

  • I cannot believe the presenter read the presentation, word for word, from the screen. It was frustrating. What's the point of having a presenter if all they do is read what's on the screen? He could have emailed the presentation and saved me 2 hours.

  • I wish more people would invest in becoming better speakers. They don't need to be experts. They just need to improve. Maybe a quick course on public speaking, a few weeks of training, or a little coaching behind the scenes.

You don't have to become an expert at public speaking. And you may not desire to give a TED Talk or become The Toastmaster's World Champion of Public Speaking, but you need help to improve your public speaking and presentations skills. We can help.

IF you are ready to advance your career, share your story, and give presentations that rock, apply to join


We will help you overcome your fears and exchange nervousness for success.

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In evaluating speakers who continuously procrastinate in getting help we discovered

10 Common Public Speaking mistakes found in Boardrooms Across America and 21 other countries

  • The Speaker used too much Jargon and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker spoke too fast and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker spoke too softly and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker was unprepared and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker was too nervous and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker used too many slides and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker was too energetic and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker was too monotonous and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker put too much on the slides and failed to connect.

  • The Speaker went way over time, and the audience became upset. Some people walked out, and the others complained to their leaders and coworkers. 

Don't let anyone walk out on you. Join the Aspiring Speakers Mastermind Group today because everyone communicates, but only a few speakers ever connect.


You can be a speaker who connects.

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We conduct one-on-one interviews and keep the groups intentionally small to ensure you get the most from the group. Our goal is to help you become a better public speaker. 

Schedule an interview, and join the next group. 

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The Aspiring Speakers Program was instrumental in teaching me how to get my pertinent points across in the time allotted. I learned how to be more effective and informative in a compelling way. I was taught strategies and techniques for engaging the audience. That helped me gain confidence and overcome my fears during the presentation. I also learned how to handle the question and answer segment effectively. The program was valuable for those reasons alone. The extra time and attention I received from the coaches was fabulous. It was well worth the investment! I am also happy to announce that I received a request to speak last month at the University of Nebraska.  - KEVIN TAYLOR

You can become a more effective and influential speaker.

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oKay, before you go, as a free gift for visiting us today, we'd like to provide you with a free copy of Coach Christine's Presentation Secrets eBook.  It's just a quick resource with a few tips and assignments to help you get started. 

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About Us:  We are Powerhouse Motivations Coaching and Leadership Solutions, LLC.  We're a small team of professional life, leadership, success, and presentations coaches who specialize in helping ordinary men and women attain financial freedom and independence by discovering themselves and tapping into their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to accomplish their public speaking or entrepreneurial and major life goals.  We help them effect positive change in themselves and others through personal determination, self-leadership, professional speaking, and increased awareness of the universal laws that govern life and success.  We believe that everyone is born for a purpose.  Everyone has been created and given certain gifts, talents, and abilities which can be honed and develop by growing through a proven coaching process.  A process governed by laws.  Laws which enable them to find fulfillment and happiness, while growing to serve their purpose in life.  Growing thru coaching empowers men and women to find fulfillment, and live happy and prosperous lives, while having a positive effect on their environment.  We provide strategic resources, coaching, training, mastermind events, and connections to life-changing opportunities, information, and insights to help struggling and aspiring speakers, freedom seekers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders live their dreams.  We help them accomplish their goals and attain financial freedom and independence in the process.  We show them how to share their stories and motivational lessons to make the rest of their life the best of their life, while having a positive impact on the lives of others.  All of our coaching programs require a face to face interview prior to enrollment.  Unfortunately, we cannot extend coaching or group participation to everyone who applies.  Offers will be given to those who qualify and meet the prerequisites.  There is not a minimum or maximum educational prerequisite required to attend.  Membership and participation are based on personality type, goals, ambition, life desires, and suitability to accomplish goals with the help of the products and services we offer.  We have a money back guarantee and a desire to help as many people as we can without diluting our success pool, so we work hard to get it right to maintain trust and integrity.  If you have any additional questions, not answered above, please feel free to contact us at success@powerhousemotivations.com and a reply will be given in 3business days or less.