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over the next eight weeks, you will become one of the most effective speakers in the room. yes. you can do it, and our small groups can help.

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You've always hesitated about speaking in front of groups, or...,

Every time you get to speak in front of people...,

Your knees would shake…,

Your heart races…,

You get nervous…,

The room goes blurry…,

Your hearing fades out…,

And your palms get sweaty.

Or you breathe heavily and lose your train of thought...,

You worry the night before about having to spend 30-60 minutes speaking in front of others...,

And your speech was nothing like you intended or practiced.

And the more you noticed you were going off script, the more you rambled on.

You're done seeing rooms of blank faces looking at you, all confused or disengaged, checking their phones and whispering.



Turn that bland presentation into an engaging experience.

You always hesitate to speak up because you're scared of being rejected. 

You're afraid that no one would listen or care enough to hear what you say.


You get so nervous and stressed in front of people that you go off topic and lose focus.


And you often have good ideas or at least the foundation of a good idea, but you're just hesitant to develop it or speak up when the opportunity comes. 


You get exasperated before you even get started.


So you choose to stay in your comfort zone and lose opportunities to advance your career, become a better leader or grow your business.

Imagine being able to take the stage and deliver your message with greater purpose, clarity and conviction.

Speaker with Hands Raised

What would it feel like if your audience is so engaged whenever you deliver a talk? They’re on their feet crying, cheering and laughing?


How different will it be if many people connect with you because of your presentation and you're paving the way for new business opportunities?

How would you feel if you get multiple invites to future keynotes and recommendations to boards of directors, and conference organizers, as soon as you step offstage?


It is possible.  You can do this.

Take the Stage with Full Confidence and

Deliver a Well-Structured Message that People Resonate With



We will help you overcome your fears and exchange nervousness with connecting dialogue, engagement, and confidence.

Business Conference

During the FREE strategy session, we will help you get clear with your speaking goals and give you an action plan to make it practical.


So if you want to:


  • Turn your story into a powerful, world-class speech.

  • Overcome your fears and take the stage with complete confidence.

  • Deliver a well-structured message and be seen as an authority every time.

Go ahead and click the button below.


For a lot of people, including myself, when I get nervous, I can sometimes get off topic and go onto tangents. During the presentation, I realized that I was approaching the 15minute mark, yet I wasn’t even close to stating all the main points that I needed to get across. In that moment I realized I needed help improving my presentation. I needed help getting prepared and practicing.


The Aspiring Speakers Program was instrumental to making sure I get my pertinent points in during the time allotted. I learned how to be more effective and informative in a way that was persuasive to my audience. I’m happy to say last month I received a second request to speak at the University of Nebraska.


In the coaching program, I was taught strategies and techniques for engaging with the audience. That helped me gain confidence and overcome my fears during the presentation. I also learned how to effectively handle the question and answer segment. For those reasons alone, not even to mention the extra time and attention provided, the program was extremely valuable. It was well worth the investment!


I also highly recommend you ask to join the coaching program after participating in Aspiring Speakers. It has made me one of the best speakers in the Cybersecurity Community, and my last two presentations alone have more than paid for the cost of Coaching.


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Practice from home and jumpstart your public speaking success with a free copy of Coach Christine's Presentation Secrets eBook.  Now in PDF with Speaker Prompts and Exercises. 

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