Science Doesn’t Evolve! Lies, Deception, And Manipulation. Don’t Let Them Kill You... Know This!

Science Doesn’t Evolve! Lies, Deception, And Manipulation. Don’t Let Them Kill You... Know This!

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Updated on January 26, 2022


“Science without spirituality is lame, and spirituality without science is blind.” - adapted from Albert Einstein, 1879 - 1955. Photo Courtesy of Doreen Spooner / Getty Images.


You should know that compliance breeds complacency, and complacency leads to the death, destruction, and loss of your personal freedoms, independence, and liberty.

If you are a person who believes in doing things for yourself, taking on personal responsibility, and having the freedom to live your best life, you are going to continue reading.

Today, I woke up to the reality that many elected officials have decided to comply with the demands of a large group of crazy people. People spooked by fears of ill health, death, and disease resulting from the Covid-19 coronavirus. That's right, governments have decided to comply with the irrational fears of crazy folks by instilling mask mandates, requiring vaccine identification cards, and enforcing social distancing - possibly for the rest of our lives.


The government is giving in to the fears of the voters and allowing the fears of the voters to guide them in making policy decisions that are un-American.


These policies based on fear are repugnant, archaic, and destructive to the human psyche. They place an irrational belief in a small group of scientists who are exploring the unknowns of a new virus, along with several of its potentially life-threatening variants amid a pandemic.

Anyone who has ever studied science knows that scientists in the heat of discovery are often more wrong than correct. Paul Lucas, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, recently stated in an open forum that the scientific hypotheses and theories, that drive scientists in their research, are wrong ninety-nine percent of the time. He says: when he started as a graduate student and joined a lab (many years ago), his boss (the head of the lab) told him, if you are not making at least two mistakes a day, you are not working hard enough.


Scientists make mistakes; they are wrong ninety-nine percent of the time.


The saving grace, however, is that Dr. Lucas says, “we check our work a lot.” He says, it is not only embarrassing to be wrong, but it also has a negative impact on our careers. So before scientific results are made public, there is, usually, a lot of checking done.

And therein lies the problem.


We are in a pandemic where a large majority of the people are frightened. They are living in constant fear of the unknown. They are afraid of disease, destruction, ill-health, and death, so they’re demanding answers and action from their elected officials.

Their elected officials are demanding answers and solutions from non-elected officials. The unelected health officials are demanding guidance, answers, and solutions from the scientist. The scientists are in the heat of discovery; they haven’t had sufficient time to test and discredit their hypothesis or theories.

To make things worse, you have media outlets and politicians fanning the flames of hate, pointing fingers, belittling others, and making things a hundred times worse.

In August of 2020, a fact sheet released by the Reuters Institute found that trust in the government had declined over twenty percent. They reported that fifty-six percent of Brits, those living in the United Kingdom, had lost faith in their government. They found that individual politicians along with the government itself was largely responsible or believed to be responsible for giving out potentially false and misleading information about the pandemic.

And the media – well, it goes without stating...


A large-portion of we the people, have lost all trust in the media.


According to Reuters, twenty-seven percent of respondents feel the news media has drastically exaggerated the crises. Thirty-five percent say the situation has been made worse by overly negative and frightening coverage. The news media is both an instigator and a large source of misinformation. They have an insatiable need for instant answers, and they are unrelenting in their scrutiny of those they disagree with, while also providing biased and manipulative coverage in favor of those they support.


Have you ever heard the phrase, the science is rapidly evolving?


When you hear that phrase, here’s what’s happening: The scientists are actively assessing their theories and hypothesis under the constant purview of the public, and like all good doctors and scientists, they don’t want to be discredited or proven wrong. They’re not all connected to the evil cult seeking to mislead and harm others, control the world and takeaway your rights. No. On the contrary, some scientists are not used to being in the spotlight, under pressure, and constantly scrutinized by the public or the news outlets, and the civil servants they seek to please, so a new term was created to soothe and massage the overwhelming fears of the public. And that term? Well, you guessed it...


The science is rapidly evolving.


There’s only one problem with that statement. Science doesn’t evolve, the awareness and understanding of the scientists interpreting the data is the only thing that changes or evolves. It’s the lab process described by Dr. Paul Lucas above, only this time the scientific theories and hypotheses are being analyzed, tested, and proven or disproven in the unforgiving, doubtful, and ever watching eye of the public.

The first or next problem is fear. And the thing that makes the fear so much worse is a news media that plays to the overwhelming fears of the majority to gain influence and boost their ratings – not to mention their needs to support the desires of those who purchase their services and sign their checks.


Have you ever noticed how many pharmaceutical companies, drug dealers, and law firms advertise on your favorite news channel?


Fear creates an unquenchable need for the latest news updates. It also causes irrational demands for safety and security from death, disease, destruction, and ill-health. And what’s worse is that any company or organization that doesn't do all it can to protect its customers, clientele, or employees, is at risk of being sued by the same law firms you see advertised during the news hour.

That’s right! You've got it, and you are probably starting to see how this all impacts you. And I think Benjamin Franklin said it best:


Those who sacrifice liberty for safety will have neither liberty nor safety.


That’s right your liberty; your ability to live freely in America without oppressive rules or restrictions, and mandates being forced upon you by elected and non-elected officials, is slowly being stripped away in the name of safety. They say they are protecting your health. Some people will argue and say that personal freedoms must take a backseat to public safety and health. They will say the rules don't take away your liberty or my liberty, but liberty like freedom is a personal issue.


If you feel your freedoms and liberties are being stripped away, they are. If you think the government and those in authority are overstepping their limits, they are. If you think you're being lied to, deceived, and manipulated by the media, you're correct.


But, if you think you can't do something about it, you’re wrong.


Here’s what you can do:


  1. Decide to be the number one authority in your own life. You might not have a master's degree or a Ph.D. like Dr. Lucas, but you can be the number one authority in your life.
  2. Question everything. As the number one authority in your life, you can ask any question you desire, of those in charge, and then choose to accept or not accept the advice and guidance you are given.
  3. Chart your own course. You should never blindly submit or give in to the wants and needs of others because you believe them to be superior, smarter, or more endowed than you. Never relinquish your authority, because some else made you feel less than.
  4. Refuse to be controlled by others. No person, advisor, helper, or politician is above reproach. They are not above answering your questions or resolving any concerns you may have. Like them you were born for a reason.
  5. Refuse to live in fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Your fears are usually based on imagined and overly exaggerated misperceptions of reality. Don't allow these imagined misperceptions of reality to limit your life.
  6. Have full faith in your higher power. If you can perceive it and believe it, you can achieve it. The universe doesn’t allow you to conceive and believe things which are impossible. Your ideas may need some tweaking and adjusting, but they’re possible.
  7. Walk by faith and know that when your time for death has come, it has come, and there is nothing you can do to stop it or delay it, not if it's truly your time.
  8. Live your best life regardless of what others say you can or cannot do.
  9. Join forces with others who believe as you believe.
  10. Refuse to be the one who sacrifices his or her life or liberty for the false appearance of what appears to be safety.


Believe in yourself and the goodness of others. I've been where you are, and I know that a new beginning starts here.


About the Author: Ernie Davis is a master coach, inspirational teacher, orator, educator, combat veteran, numerologist, and Myers-Briggs practitioner on a mission to help one-million men and women achieve extraordinary levels of success, share their stories, and attain financial freedom and independence while creating and enjoying the fulfilling lives they deserve. You can learn more about Ernie Davis, The People’s Coach, here.

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