How to FIX BLACK AmeriKKKa

How to FIX BLACK AmeriKKKa - The Short, Sweet, and Simple Solution - 10 Steps to $uccess

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Updated on January 28, 2021


Governor Hogan, Mayor Rawlings-Blake Partner to Address Blight in Baltimore City, Announce State Project


Earlier, I read an article that said, "The unrest in cities across the U.S. this week is just the latest manifestation of a struggle that will continue until the wealth gap between white people and black people is addressed..."

It made me instantly nauseous.

I couldn't finish the article because it's the same garbage I've been reading for years. This one was by a Senior Reporter in Washington, D.C., - a guy named Gregg Robb, who was writing for MarketWatch. He attributed many of the quotes in his article to other unnamed sources…

You know, it's astonishing how so many of my contemporaries can quote a source and makeup statements without identifying a single source. For instance, the quote above was attributed to a group of unnamed black economists. How can we research this group and find their motives for the statement if we have no idea who they are? (What’s their agenda?)

Now, some people won't like what I'm about to say, because a lot of people claim to be looking for a solution to the plight of "Black America," But here's the truth...


The truth is that most people don't want a real solution. They want to look good, sound good, spew a little political correctness, maintain their popularity, and appear to be working to make things better.


In all reality, everyone has an agenda.


The Nuclear Family: The Foundation of African American Success. The foundation of healthy, wealthy, and functioning communities.


Even I have an agenda. I want to help over one million men-and-women discover themselves, find their purpose in life, grow to fulfill that purpose, serve their purpose in life, enjoy financial freedom, peace, prosperity, and happiness. And for a select few, for the ones who have the gift of gab or a desire to speak persuasively to share their stories - I want to help them find the courage, find their voice, and master the art of public speaking.

But most people are full of a Belief System (a lot of B.S.) that's more damaging and destructive than they realize. Many of the stories we have been told, have been given to us to support a certain agenda.

Our political leaders no longer solve problems with freedom and justice held equally in mind. They just change the bandage every few years and give us more laws and restrictions to make us feel a little safer and more secure, as they slowly take away our freedoms. It reminds me of the days when you could walk into an airport and get on a plane without being strip-searched or removing your belt and shoes.

That was a tradeoff in the name of fixing the problem. It took away a portion of our liberty, but many politicians retorted, "we're doing it to keep the public safe and secure." You know, in the name of a greater good.

I guess they missed the wisdom and logic behind Benjamin Franklin’s old quote, the one from 1775, where he said, those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Some people believe they know how to control our lives and keep us safe, better than we could ever do for ourselves, and they are working hard to push things in their direction. Their direction equates to total control over every aspect of your life. It's almost a reintroduction to slavery.

Albeit an upgraded version of the same slavery and restricted way of living, they say, "is to blame for the current wealth gap, between white people and black people."

But I guess if you enslave everyone, take away their freedoms and place them all under the watchful eye of an all-knowing and all-seeing group of political elites and government bureaucrats, you can solve the wealth gap.


Those who have not discovered themselves, and taken steps to make this their best life, will eventually find themselves at the mercy of the bureaucrats and political elites. The same elites who always seem to prosper, regardless of what's going on in the lives of other citizens.


The boring solution to our problems...

Especially in the black community - when we're not being exploited by the agendas of politicians, bureaucrats, and other people...


The solutions are simple and well known.


They have been discussed and dismissed by guys smarter and more enlightened than me for decades..., and centuries.

I could lay this out in-depth, but I'll keep it simple and brief.


Here's what we have to do:

  1. Lose the victim mentality. It doesn't serve us or bring peace, prosperity, or happiness.
  2. Discover who you are as an individual. And then join forces with, “We the People. The people who create governments and give governments power. The same people who dismantle and alter those governments when they become destructive. But we always start with self-first. Your morality is key.
  3. Drop the belief that only other people can save you or fix your life. It's not true.
  4. Fix your own life and start with yourself first. Discover yourself.
  5. Stop letting other people use you for their covert agendas. More black folks are killed in criminal activities that are negatively ingrained in our culture than by all the police forces in the world combined. It's time to remove the negative filth from our culture and demand more from those who seek to influence culture. It starts with self-respect and ownership.
  6. Realize that you can only change you. Establish a self-development program. Find a mentor and hire a Coach. (that's a new concept, but in reality, it dates back to the mystery schools of antiquities..., talk to someone who knows.)
  7. Re-establish and rebuild your family following the proven example of Husband (Man), Wife (Woman), and Child. This is the only self-sustaining family unit. It's the only model that leads to long-term victory and success through the procreation of humankind.
  8. Instill moral-character into the fabric of your family so that they act and behave responsibly and respectably. This will pour out into your community and have an impact on people you don't even know and kids you only see in passing.
  9. Let yourself and your family be seen as respectable in your community, and those in your community will respect and treat you accordingly (especially public officials and cops).
  10. Work to help others in the community do, and emulate, what you have done, and you will begin to see a change in you, your community, and your family. You will also notice a decreased need for police involvement in your life and community. You will realize the outside-world is treating you differently; they are treating you with respect. I think Aretha Franklin put it best, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. Determine what it means to you, and then find out how to give it to yourself and others first.


If you implement this into your life, you will eventually realize that you have inadvertently solved many of the problems that have led us to where we are today, and you have regained control of your life.


You can enjoy your life and have everything you desire. #MakeItGreatOnPurpose, #GetACoach


By doing this, you will become the powerful creator you were born to be. You will become the master of your destiny. And powerful people rarely feel a need to riot, protest, or act out. And they certainly don't burn down their own neighborhoods.


It is not how they handle business or politicians, and it's why they are more successful in getting what they want.

Now - if you will just share this message and help us get more people on board, the world will eventually be a better place.

Those are the simple solutions that have worked and continue to work, not just for black folks but all folks. Is it complete as written here? No, but it’s surprisingly good. It's off the cuff and written, in the heat of the moment, as I lay here in my yard listening to the sounds of nature, typing with one finger on a mobile device.

Could I expound? I'd love to. Click here, I'd love to speak on your podcast or during an upcoming event.

Now, did I apply this in my life? You bet. I rose-up through a depressing life. A life that started in a government housing project, living in crime and violence. I struggled in school, but I chose to escape. I elected to no longer live that lifestyle.

I altered my life and created a fortune. I have an awesome wife and kids who are all high achievers. I have all I desired...

Will it work for others? You bet. That's why I teach it here.

Do I help others? You bet. That's why I wrote it and extend my hand as a coach, and you can learn more about me here.

Thanks for the opportunity to share it with you and everyone who reads it.

#MakeItGreatOnPurpose. And yeah #BlackLivesMatter, but in all honesty, #AllLivesMatter, #WednesdayWisdomAndLeadership, #trending

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