Life leadership and success coaching for men and women with positive ideas and an entrepreneurial desire to earn $100 Thousand to $1 Million Dollars or more. 

My secret to success was working with a
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"I was introduced to Think and Grow Rich my senior year in college. It was recommended to me by my old professor who taught a class called 'Everyday Living.' At that point in my life I was still confused and searching for answers.  The book was a motivating factor in my life.  I later joined a mastermind group and began working with a coach in hopes of becoming my own boss.   I wanted my own restaurant and coaching helped me do that.  At the time I was the only person I knew who actually paid out of pocket to work with a coach, but I believed in myself and it gave me a new lease on life.  It helped me realize I could do anything I wanted if I had the desire and believed I could achieve my goals. Last year we opened a new location in South Hill."  - Michael Garrett, Restaurant Owner 


Think and Grow Rich (TAGR) Life Leadership and Success Coaching

(Face2Face | In-Person | And Online Video Sessions)

(12, 18, or 24 Sessions.  2 - 3 sessions per month)

You’re a boss.  Now it’s time to live like one.    It’s time to demand that life give you the great wealth, health, awesome relationships, strong families, and ability to bring harmony into your life.

It’s time to discover and capitalize on your natural gift’s talents and abilities to live life on your terms.  It’s time to invest in you and knock down the barriers that have limited your success.  The same barriers that are keeping your neighbors and co-workers from enjoying their dreams and living their best life.    


It’s time to be a savior in your own life, family, or community.  They need you.  And if not you than who?  Don’t let the next decade pass you by while others are cheating to steal your wealth.


It’s time to work with and hire a life leadership and success coach who knows the secret to Think and Grow Rich (TAGR).  A professional who understands you and your unique gifts and desires.   Someone who can help you learn and discover things about yourself that will explain why you’ve always felt a little bit different, and out of place.  The time is now.  The world is rapidly changing and


Its time to claim your greatness and live the life you were born to live.  We can help you in a way that’s proven to work and maintains your privacy will getting the results you want.  It’s time to act because the next phase of your life will be based on the decision you make today.

It’s not a mistake that you’re reading this.

If you agree, it’s time to enroll in our TAGR Life Leadership and Success Coaching Program.  And together over the next 6 to 9 or 12 months we’ll help you transform your results and begin enjoying the life you desire, or we’ll pay for your coaching and issue a full refund. 


We’ll help you begin to transmute your desires into their physical equivalents following proven techniques that have helped millions of wealthy, healthy, and happy individuals around the world to enjoy and recreate their own lives.   If you’re serious about your success and happiness, today is your day.  It's time to find your purpose and live your best life.


Enroll in the TAGR Coaching program and you’ll…

  • Work one-on-one with your own personal coach and confidant who can help you with your most intense desires.  Someone who will work just as hard as you and maintain your trust

  • Develop an individualized success plan for the transmutation of your desires

  • Learn to create wealth, health, and all the things you desire

  • Receive an introduction to the world of creative interactions for busy adults

  • Experience a life altering opportunity to discover, learn and apply the secrets of the mystics

  • Experience the one + one Mastermind and learn to implement it to accelerate your results

  • Learn to experience life from multiple perspectives to increase your effectiveness with others

  • Experience easy and flexible scheduling to enjoy coaching on your terms

  • Identify and overcome the unspoken fears that have capped your success

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TAGR Coaching Focus

(Face2Face | In-Person | And Online Video Sessions)

(12, 18, or 24 Sessions. 2 - 3 sessions per month)

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Discovering what it is you want most out of life

Finding life purpose and developing and clarifying your life vision


Completing your personal-assessment to better understanding and knowing yourself based on

over 100 years of proven research


In-depth analysis of your personal preferences and style to aid in building forward momentum

and developing a personalized plan for the attainment of your desires


Focused discussions that lead to your mastering the universal laws of life and success


Implementation of the 13 principals for converting your ideas and desires into wealth, health and improved interpersonal relationships


Coaching discussions that aid in the attainment of spiritual and mental clarity


Strategies for growth and rapid conversion to get what you desire most


Focused planning, decision making and strategic partnerships


Gaining clarity through the one-on-one mastermind experience


Giving back to help others succeed


Creating, designing and enjoying your best life

Achieving personal fulfillment and happiness


(Face2Face | In-Person | And Online Video Sessions)

(12, 18, or 24 Sessions.  2 - 3 sessions per month)

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“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

Napoleon Hill, Author

Think and Grow Rich, 1937


  • Complementary Copy of Think and Grow Rich The Powerhouse Mastermind Text, Published by Powermo Productions

  • Complementary Myers-Briggs® Personality Assessment and Debrief 

  • In-depth Vision worksheet and goals strategy session, repeated quarterly 

  • (12, 18, or 24) 60 to 90 minute focused coaching sessions

  • (2, 3, or 4) written quarterly coaching updates 

  • 10 -15 monthly coaching correspondence emails, as needed to support coaching client

  • Integrated coaching discussions and teaching sessions to help you master the 13 principals or success, transmuting desires and discovering the universal laws of life and the universe 

  • Opportunity for 1:1 virtual coaching via Powerhouse Video Conferencing 

  • Easy and secure payments via PayPal with 100% Money back guarantee.  See the VMG Ground Rules 

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