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60-Minute Mastermind Session


Schedule a one-to-one

You are trying to work your way through a problem.  You have a question and you need a serious solution.  You need someone who understands dreamers and goals seekers like you.  But you do not want to waste $120.  You do not want to be taken advantage of.  You need someone you can trust.  Someone who will be confidential.  Someone you can work with again and again and again.  Someone who will remember you and take your goals and desires seriously.  Someone who does not care about your background, past mistakes or failures.  Someone who understands and has the experience and background to help you succeed.  That is exactly what this 60-Minute Session will provide.  

intensive with full MBTI report


Schedule a 3-hour coaching

You are ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life.  You have been thinking about working with a life, leadership or success coach and you are desiring to know how this can help you find life happiness and fulfill your purpose.   You have been feeling as if you are called to something greater and more important with your existence.  You believe you are suppose to be wealthy, healthy, prosperous and successful. But you want to live life in your own way.  You want to enjoy life and do things that others believe are not possible.  You want to set the example and prove that we can be do and achieve anything you put your mind to.  In this session we will discover who you are as a person and develop a plan to attain the things you most desire in life,  

Life Leadership and Success Coaching

$4,500 - $24,000

Think And Grow Rich (TAGR)

You are your greatest asset.  You are the business and you were born to be an entrepreneur.   You were born to be the CEO, leader, and commander of your own life and legacy.  As such you are responsible for your success or failure.  If you want to live your best life and be free and prosperous in finding and fulfilling your life purpose, you must find the best people to help you succeed.  You must be willing to pay the price and surround yourself with coaches, mentors, advisers, and team players who can help you get your business idea or endeavor to the $100 thousand- or $1 million-dollar level.  If you are serious, we can help, ask about our special coaching agreement where, if you qualify, you don't pay until we help you earn $100 thousand dollars or more over the next 12 - 18 months.