Are you ready to live, create, and enjoy the lifestyle you desire, on your own terms?  If so keep scrolling and let’s be honest,

it’s difficult creating the life you desire all by yourself, but luckily you don't have to...

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And I want you to know, you have the right to be prosperous, financially free, and independent.  You have the right to live, create, and enjoy the type of lifestyle you desire, on your own terms, and I AM the coach, mentor, and adviser with the programs and experience to help you do that.  Personally, I've been creating men since I was a young kid (see my story here).  Professionally, I've coached, trained, advised, and mentored hundreds of men, aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, husbands, and fathers in 21different countries.  My coaching and advice has helped men produce amazing results, discover themselves, increase their wealth, and find life purpose.  And for the most part, of the hundreds of folks I've worked with, the only thing the best of the best all had in common was a burning desire to succeed and be prosperous... 

You see, if you have that, I understand what it takes to help someone with your unique personality traits and skill to become amazingly successful and prosperous.  And I know that prosperity is your birthright.  If you are an aspiring speaker, man, business owner, or entrepreneur, I would love to know you.  We should schedule a coaching interview to see if I can help you take your ideas and endeavors, or stories and life lessons to the 100,000 or $1,000,000 mark.  You see, every real man, every professional man, every rugged man, and every up and coming man, should have their own personal coach.  Someone they can talk to…

Someone who's honest and integrous.  Someone who’s a great listener, but not a yes man. Someone who understands their unique personality type, their learning style, and their goals and ambitions.  A man who wants to help men grow by helping them think through the difficulties.  A man who cares about them and who can see things from multiple perspectives.  Perspectives that will set them up for the win and equip them to live and experience their best life, without being false or phony to themselves, their families, or teams.  Ernie's Story.

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Are you ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life?

This is My Story

Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach

I grew up believing that we are all kind of similar, but some people are more successful and more prosperous than others.  And if you want to be more successful and more prosperous than others, regardless of your occupation, environment, or background, you have to be properly equipped and aligned with the right people.

I think we all learned that, but most people never took it to the level I did.  Most people never looked at it or thought about it quite the way I did as a kid.  Around seven or eight years old I would jump on the floor with a huge roll of white paper.  The same paper my mom would use on her machine at the factory.  It was big and it was heavy, but I would tip it over and lay it on the floor with a few pens and pencils.  I’d roll the paper out the length of my room and start drawing and creating the most successful men I’d ever seen on tv or in the movies, magazines, comic books, encyclopedias and anywhere I could see strong and powerful men, even on the street corners and the blocks of my neighborhood.  I would research them, learn about them, and figure out the difference between the best and the rest.  What type of equipment did they have?  What were their character traits?  How did they look?  How did they dress?  What types of cars, homes, women, and weapons did they have?  And what was their connection with GOD, the gods, or the universe.


Searching for the answers made me a great artist at a young age.  It made me a keen observer and listener who learned the secrets of the elders and every successful and unsuccessful person I’d ever come in contact with.  It fueled my first business at nine, made me a superstar in starting my second business at thirteen, and opened my doors to Masonry, Psychology, the Laws of Success, Theology, Philosophy, Diplomacy, and later nation building and people development.  It’s so amazing.  It gave me the fuel I needed to create, live, and enjoy the type of lifestyle that I desire on my own terms.  It allowed me to learn from the universe in the process of living my life and earning my freedom by doing what I’d always loved, designing, building, observing, and creating successful and powerful men. 

After many years I found myself in the United States Navy, as a Master Builder, rolling out bundles of paper, designing plans and structures, and developing the men and women who would make these plans and structures a reality around the world.  I found myself learning from the religious men of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, before returning home and commencing my studies of the most successful leaders in the world.  Men of power, authority, and influence. 


Before I knew it, I had studied every major religion in the World.  The rise and fall of nations, ancient civilizations, corporations, and the mindset behind it all.  Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of friends who were still around, but I had a whole lot of associates, a lot of people who loved me, a whole lot of people whose lives I had impacted and made successful in amazing ways.  And in almost the blink of an eye, 23 years had passed, and I was sitting in a cave in northern Afghanistan, contemplating life with 5members of the Taliban.  I had led hundreds of men around the world, more than thirty-three teams in combat, and now something in the Universe was calling me to do more.  Something was calling me to come back home and add value to the lives of aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs.  The decision I made after that changed our life forever.  

As I look back, it’s amazing to think this is my hero’s journey.  It’s amazing to think I survived combat, raising two kids, compromising and sacrificing to make my marriage work, growing up on the streets of Richmond, doing poorly in school, living in a house plagued by violence, watching my mother beaten and stabbed, and coming to age in a smoke filled liquor house around organized criminals and crime. It’s amazing, but it’s what also led me to becoming The People's Coach and probably the most awesome and inconspicuous multi-millionaire you will ever meet. 

It’s what led me to meeting Dr John C Maxwell in 2015, and thinking to myself, “this guy’s interesting.”  He wasn’t a powerful military leader like the ones I had trained, advised, or assisted over the last 23years, and he wasn’t as powerful as the ones I learned from while serving in the United States Navy as a youth, but he was interesting.   He threw out a proposition that I “help him grow and equip others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.” 

I gladly accepted.  And the next thing you know, I’m sitting in my study listening to motivational coach and author, the well-known teacher of the law of attraction, Mr. Bob Proctor, and Wala, just like that, the Think and Grow Rich Coaching and Master Mind Groups and Public Speaking programs were born. 

And now I’m the author, coach, and mentor to powerful men and aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs around the globe.  And that’s my life, at least a small portion of it.  


I’d love to jump on a video chat with you, one on one, to hear your story and learn if or how, I can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.  

I’d love to know if I can help you live, create, and enjoy, the lifestyle you desire while helping you attain financial freedom in the process.

If you’re ready, I’m ready, click the link below and let’s talk. 

Think And Grow Rich Audio Book, Ernie Davis
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Think And Grow Rich Audio Book, Ernie Davis
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Think And Grow Rich Audio Book, Ernie Davis
03. Think And Grow Rich_The Reason Most People FailErnie Davis
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