Public speaking and presentations coaching for men and women with a strong urge to stand-up and speak, teach or inspire

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Virtual Presentations Coaching 2.0

(With online video sessions and feedback)

This 11 week 1 on 1 virtual coaching intensive will help you rapidly acquire the skills and techniques of professional speaking.  If you’re a busy professional or aspiring speaker with a strong desire to improve your public speaking and presentation skills, but you can’t commit to meeting one-on-one or face to face with your coach for a full hour or you live outside of the Washington DC metropolitan area, Virtual Coaching 2.0 is for you.  


With this highly effective virtual coaching method you’ll receive valuable instructions, insights and feedback's from your certified presentations coaches on a regular basis.  You’ll have the opportunity to speak and work one-on-one with your coach and you’ll even receive individually recorded 5 – 10 minute video feedback's for each of the projects listed in the course outline.   Additional coaching and training will be given during your self-scheduled 30 minute Virtual Coaching and Q&A sessions.


In this program we start with the basics, clarify your message, and teach you how to connect, captivate, inspire, and lead your audience on a journey to ensure their satisfaction and your personal effectiveness.


You’ll complete this program ready to advertise yourself as a professional who can inspire, inform, persuade, and entertain.  Utilizing our proven methods, you’ll be ready to speak on a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, and you’ll be able to do this while selling your ideas, products, and services in front of audiences both large and small.


To successfully complete this program, you will be required to record and upload videos of yourself and view content online or electronically.  Videos can be recorded on a cell phone or mobile device.  They can be recorded anywhere you feel comfortable practicing and delivering your presentation, whether that’s your bedroom, living room or some other place where you are extremely comfortable. 


All coaching clients must complete a coaching assessment and interview and must be able to complete 2 to 3 coaching assignments per month over the next 4 to 6 months.  You will need phone or internet access and connectivity at your scheduled times to communicate with your coach.  You’ll be given access to your coach’s electronic calendar to schedule conversations when they are best for you and your coach.   


All clients participating in the Speaker Talks® capstone event will receive professional footage and photography of them delivering their 15 to 20-minute presentation in front of a live audience in Tampa, Florida, USA.  This will add to your credibility as you begin marketing yourself as a paid speaker.

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Course Outline for Virtual Presentations Coaching 2.0

(With online video sessions and feedback)

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Virtual Presentations Coaching 2.0

(With online video sessions and feedback)

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let's make the rest of your life the best of your life


  • Complementary Copy of 11 Steps To Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking, by Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach

  • (11) Self Evaluations

  • (10) Professional Coaching evaluations with constructive feedback

  • (9) 5 -10 minute Video Evaluations

  • (4) live 1:1 coaching and teaching calls with Q&A and live feedback

  • The most convenient coaching opportunity in the World

  • An opportunity to qualify to speak live on stage at our bi-annual Speaker Talks Capstone even

  • Easy and secure payments via PayPal with 100% Money back guarantee.  See the VMG Ground Rules