The Powerhouse Vision and Goals Worksheet

Courtesy of

Ernie  Davis 

aka The Peoples Coach

"Because where there is no vision entrepreneurs, moms, dads, and aspiring speakers fail."


Who is Ernie Davis?

Ernie Davis is an authority on public speaking, the psychology of success and converting ideas into money to help aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs live their dreams.  He is a master coach, motivational teacher, orator, combat veteran, and Myers-Briggs practitioner.  He has mentored and trained professional speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in over 21 countries.  He survived combat, retired at forty, and enjoys an awesome life giving and sharing to help others achieve success.


Why use a Vision Worksheet?

Writing down your vision increases what is commonly known as your dream recall, or your ability to remember and recall your visions and dreams subconsciously. 


By writing down your vision, your conscious and subconscious minds begin working together to connect the dots and find signs, signals and opportunities to help you manifest your vision. 


The signs, signals, and opportunities will vary from day to day but by utilizing the Powerhouse Vision and Goals Worksheet and viewing it as outlined in the instructions you can begin to see and manifest your vision.


This worksheet will walk you through the process of stating and crystallizing your...

  • Your life vision

  • Your long range goals

  • Your intermediate goals

  • Your short term goals

  • And more.  All on one professional goals worksheet that you will be able to save, keep, and share with friends.  

"You can live like you are the hero in your own movie, and it all starts by creating your vision."

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