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"When my daughter was born, I made a decision to be the type of man she could look up to.  I was determined to break the generational curse.  I stopped drinking, I stopped hanging out with old friends and started to focus on ways of growing to help her avoid many of the mistakes I made growing up.  I started working on myself and before long was at place in my life where I discovered that coaching could help me focus and transform my life in ways that would ensure my kids never have to want for anything.  I started with a John Maxwell program and later connected with Mr. Ernie Davis.  We've worked together virtually, but the experience has been invaluable.  I highly recommend Ernie Davis and Powerhouse Motivations."  -Donald Jackson, Owner



Success starts here. 


If you are frustrated with the results you’re currently getting or things are going too slow, or you're tired of working for unappreciative individuals who don't really care about you, or your business or business idea is struggling to grow or it's starting to have a negative impact on your personal life, happiness, health, or relationships, and you have thought about giving up,


You're in the right place.


Do you dream of living a SIX Figure lifestyle?  Do you want to make $100,000.00 or more annually by doing what you enjoy doing on your own schedule, while working as your own boss, or business owner?  Do you believe in yourself enough to bet on yourself to let us invest in helping you achieve your financial goals?


What if we made you an offer you couldn't refuse?


How about your presentation skills ...?


Do you have a strong desire to stand up and speak professionally, or do you desire to share your story and life lessons with listeners who might benefit and be inspired?  Or, have you written a book or novel that you need help talking about to increase sales and notoriety?


If you said yes to any of these questions, we have several coaching, mastermind, and aspiring speaker programs specifically designed to help you accomplish your goal.  Scroll down and click the link below that best matches your desires and discover what we can do for you.

Do something about your frustrations today.


Limited Openings thru June 20

  • Work 1on1 with your coach

  • Master your presentation skill

  • Learn to wow to your audience 

  • Never rely on notes again

  • Discover your passion, and ...

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  • Discover yourself, wealth, health

  • Work 1on1 with a TAGR Coach

  • Employ the money making secret

  • Begin manifesting your desires

  • Expand your horizons, and ...


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  • Coaching that fits your schedule  

  • Discover presentations that work 

  • Get good from your home or office 

  • Work 1on1 with your coach 

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  • Take control of your life

  • Begin creating your future

  • Discover long-term goals

  • The first secret to success

  • Begin living intentionally, and ...

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Virtual Meetup Groups (VMGs) Online

Next Groups Starting Soon

  • Work with a small group

  • Improve your presentation 

  • Select the right message

  • Appeal to your audience 

  • Discover yourself, and ...


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  • Attain what you most desire 

  • Discover the truth about success

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Why Our Coaching Methods Work...

They help you gain clarity of purpose,

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life over the next 12-months.  Discover your unique MBTI®  personality type to gain a greater awareness of self and discover ways to share your life lessons with others.  This will empower you to live the life of your dreams and state and fulfill your life purpose and Vision. 

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to lead with passion,

Re-energize and gain new tools and confidences to break through limiting beliefs to persuade, inspire and connect with others in the ways you've always desired with the aid of our presentations and life, leadership and success coaching programs.  You have already been given the ability.  So, we'll help you re-discover that ability and hone your skills and gain a mastery of self to move forward and serve your purpose.

to renew your commitments to life, self, and family.

Experience more energy, more vitality and more accountability with the aid of our professional coaching programs where the coaches don't scream and shout;  they motivate, discuss, and help you complete the course and maintain focus, while maintaining your accountability.  You'll learn valuable techniques to stay focused and committed for life.  And we're only a phone call of email away when you need us most.

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These will enable you to experience what you've been missing, 

You've been given everything you need to succeed and now it's time to take your life experience to a new level of awareness.   Our coaches, mastermind facilitators, and life teachers can help you do that.  They can help you experience the results you're hoping for. 


And now you can afford to work one-on-one with your very own private coach or strategic listening partner and teacher to become the master of your own life. Your coach will share techniques to help you tap into your courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome the obstacles that are currently putting a limit on your happiness.

while reigniting the flame and joys of life.

Together we'll address and eliminate the beliefs that are sabotaging your results and keeping you from truly connecting with those you care about; your loved ones and friends.  We'll help you develop the tools you need to live out your passions and find fulfillment in your most valuable relationships, both new and old.

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They can also help you gain the confidence and skills you need to #StandUp and #ShareYourStory and #ChangeLives on the levels you desire.  You can do it and our presentations and coaching programs are right for you.

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The only thing standing between you and success is you.  Enroll Now!  


PLEASE NOTE:  We only exist to help our clients succeed. And we do that by providing valuable coaching, training, and connections, opportunities, and links to life changing and eye-opening events and information that can help our clients experience alternate perspectives, transform lives, improve results, and attain financial freedom in the process.


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