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Hello, I am Ernie Davis aka the People's Coach, x-government operative and current President of Powerhouse Motivations,  and I am looking for 20 people who have a burning desire to change the world through public speaking.  

Now, if that is you or someone you know, I have some great news for you and it does not require to be an operative like James Bond or Jason Borne.  You just have to be an aspiring speaker or teacher willing to accept your calling - your mission - the one that brought you here today.   


And you do not have to have any experience or be very good at public speaking right now, because that is where the government comes in.  But if you think you are good, scroll down to the bottom of the page and join us at Speaker Talks 2020.   


We will help you conquer your fears and get good at sharing your story and life lessons in a way that manipulates your audience to take action.  And even if you are not sure what you should talk about, we have the solution.  We will help you find the right message.  The one that resonates with the hearts and minds of your audience and is easy to remember.  A message that will help you kick start your public speaking success. 


So, if  you are up for the mission or you are a survivor; you have survived or struggled or suffered through adversity or difficult life and family and relationship problems that could be put into a speech to inspire others and give them hope to have courage and keep going or provide them with valuable life lessons, tools and insights to help them defeat the illuminati and escape poverty or change their lives in a positive way, we can help you craft and share your message.


This is our #OneMillionSpeakerProjectIt is the start of a revolution of public speakers and teachers and if you accept your calling, the one that bought you here, you and I will help a whole lot of people change their lives, attain financial freedom, and impact the world in a positive way.

If you are not quite ready to stand up and speak on stage live at Speaker Talks, you can reserve a seat in our online Aspiring Speakers Mastermind Group today and improve your skills with a small group of like minded speakers online. 


It is the ultimate head start for aspiring speakers, teachers, leaders, and educators who want to make a difference.   However, If you are an advanced learner and you are ready to work one one one with your very own personal presentations or public speaking coach, you can sign up for Presentations Coaching 1.0 or 2.0 today.   But, if you are ready for the stage and believe you can inspire and uplift an audience in 15minutes or less and you are ready for the sound crew, cameras, and a live recording of yourself  in front of a paying audience, see the link below and join us at the next Speaker Talks event 

11 Steps to Powerful Presentations And Public Speaking

We are going to teach 1,000,000 people how to share their story and get paid in the process.


Am I serious?  You bet.   Here is one of the best books in the world for aspiring speakers.   We utilize it in all of our coaching programs and now it is available on Amazon.  You will get a free copy when you sign up for our VMG  or one-on-one virtual presentations coaching program. 

You can even find me on YouTube having fun and sharing my #63TipsToPowerfulPresentations to make the goal of the #OneMillionSpeakerProject a reality by sharing free tips and techniques to help aspiring speakers have a positive impact on the world. 

Session One (Quick Tip #1).jpg

Listen, we want to work with you, or someone you know, one-on-one to help you or them improve their public speaking and presentations skills, because there are people out their struggling who need to hear your story and life lessons.  This is all about having a huge and positive impact on your life and lives of others, and it could result in you becoming a well-known and highly paid motivational or inspirational speaker or teacher or subject matter expert in the areas you enjoy talking about.  

If you or someone you know is interested, We want you to enroll today. 


Now, we can't help everyone, and, we don’t have time to waste with people who are afraid to commit or who suck at following thru on their commitments, but if you’re the right person I will make you a deal that you can’t refuse.   


And here is the kicker, if you have what it takes, and you are willing to invest in yourself, we can help you get on stage in front of a paying audience at our next Speaker Talks event in Tampa, Florida.  You will get to speak in front of a live audience while the cameras are rolling and recording your presentation.  And don’t worry the next event won't be as large as the one pictures below, but it will be a great start to your public speaking career. 


Now the event is already scheduled and tickets are being sold, so we don't have a lot of time to waste - if you are ready enroll today.

(Now enrolling for presentations coaching)

Next Live Speaker Talks Capstone Event

Friday - Saturday, March 20 - 21st, 2020, Tampa, Florida

Opens in Eventbrite Sapato Seminars

TampaMarriot (Speaker Talks).jpg

Opens in Eventbrite Sapato Seminars

Is that the Venue?  Yes, that's a picture of the Marriott.  And if you're flying to Tampa you'll be happy to know its conveniently located across from the Airport.   


Is there a cost?  You bet.  If you’re not willing to pay the cost or make a sacrifice you can’t help anyone in a positive way, and this is not the opportunity for you.

But if you’re ready, enroll me now at: 

Once we find the 20 folks, we're looking for … well … I don’t know.   I tried.  I guess you’ll be waiting for the next opportunity.



11 Steps to Powerful Presentations And Public Speaking

If you're not ready, I guess you can purchase a copy of the book and get ready  OR click here to view and enroll in one of our upcoming coaching programs.

About the Author:  Ernie is an award-winning speaker, teacher, coach, and author  who presides over several thriving organizations designed to empower and embolden individuals to improve their leadership ability, speak with confidence, and enjoy the lives of their dream while moving closer to financial freedom and independence.  He’s a member of ...  Learn More


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