11 Steps to

Powerful Presentations And Public Speaking:


By:  Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach

"This little yellow book will change your life as a Public or Professional Speaker." -Ben

These 11 Steps to Powerful Presentation and Public Speaking laid out in the form of an easy to use home study guide for effective managers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals will help you to share your story, sell your products and services, and transform lives thru your public speaking and presentations. And it’s all made possible from the comforts of your own home or office.


According to Mike Holloman, “It’s an amazing course taught by one of the best coaches I’ve ever met!”If you want to learn to get paid as a public speaker this book is for you! In this edition, the People's Coach and Author, Mr. Ernie Davis, will help you master the art of public speaking by utilizing the exact same approach and text that he uses to train aspiring public speakers and sales professionals in his awesome one-on-one coaching environments.  


This course provides 15 lessons and 12 evaluations spread out over 10 to 11 sessions or chapters to help you be your best. It’s easy to follow and well worth the investment.


This edition also includes Ernie’s Bonus Sessions, Chapter 11 and the 3 Step Ladder to Persuasive Action. You’ll discover how to … Create your best speech or presentation, Establish rapport with your audience, Appear natural and energetic, Get audience members engaged and motivated, and how to Capitalize by speaking for the causes you love, Utilize your voice to control the audience, how to Utilize visual aids that inspire and influence action, how to Incorporate interesting facts, figures, quotes, and anecdotes, Capitalize on your impromptu speaking opportunities, And much more. You’ll even discover how to work one on one with one of the best presentation’s coaches in the world, either virtually or in-person.

What You'll Discover

  • 5 Steps to Jumpstarting Your Success as A Public Speaker

  • 4 Steps to Becoming Extremely Effective at Public Speaking

  • 5 Steps to Winning as A Persuasive Speaker

  • 5 Steps to Working Effectively with Visual Aids

  • 6 Steps to Closing the Deal

  • 7 Steps to Writing an Awesome Speech or Presentation

  • 11 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Impromptu Speech

  • 4 Steps to Wining as an Impromptu Speaker

And much, much, more ...

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There is no need to trek alone.  We're here for you and our goal is to help facilitate your growth to becoming a more effective, impressive, and influential professional or public speaker and presenter of amazing ideas, life changing information, and valuable stories.   

About the Author:  Ernie is an award-winning speaker, teacher, coach, and author  who presides over several thriving organizations designed to empower and embolden individuals to improve their leadership ability, speak with confidence, and enjoy the lives of their dream while moving closer to financial freedom and independence.  He’s a member of ...  Learn More

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